What is Bloom and Limón?
Well, let’s start with what they are not...

Not premixes.  Not blended, artificially sweetened, flavoured water or tonics with bubbles either.

Let's call them...Non-alcoholic Botanical Distillations with distinct Juniper flavour profiles.

It looks like gin.  It is served like gin. It makes the perfect “G&T's” ...without any naughty additives, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours - 0% sugar, 0% Alcohol.

It gives people who are not drinking alcohol, for whatever reason, a sophisticated, complex, healthy alternative. Limón and Bloom are poised to disrupt the way consumers think about adult non-alcoholic beverages.  

Pure guilt-free pleasure!
So, nothing naughty then?
Why "vergin"?
Non-Alcoholic Spirit…Really?
Can you call it a Gin if it doesn’t have any alcohol?
What about the TASTE?
Where are verginsa products made?
So what's the secret...How do you make vergin?
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